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Bravo Zulu started its activities in March 2006 formed by people with vast experience in the business, technical and financial field.
Alongside a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals are their partners: Hernán Barría Saravia, Chilean Navy Officer, retired on January 1st of 2004 with the Rear-admiral degree, Electric engineer and Submarine specialist with postgraduate courses in Business Administration at Universidad Católica de Valparaíso; Sea Transport and Administration and ship management at Centro de Estudios Navieros; and specific studies in Shipyard Administration at Universidad del Desarrollo, Concepción
He carried out important managerial positions, as General Manager of Asmar Shipyards in Talcahuano and Executive Director of Asmar. In addition, he belonged to Boards of several Corporations and Associations of the civil and private world, both in Chile and abroad.
Patricio Fuentes González, engineer of the National Merchant Marine graduated from Escuela Naval “A. Prat”, and Business Administrator from Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, he has worked mainly in the Maritime/ Shipping Area, sailing in several Merchant ships, as executive of the Shipping Company Empremar and as Maritime Consultant and Tributary Advisor of important national companies as Copec S.A, Ian Taylor, etc.
In 2006 the German Group Komrowski from Hamburg, decides to extent its business to Latin America, for which it states through its Merchant Office, Komrowski Maritim GmbH., that Bravo Zulu Trading Ltda., will represent them in Chile.
Subsequently, BZT has taken, in coordination with KM, important representations of international companies, and additionally BZT has integrated directly to the portfolio other high-level international companies.
A  Reliable Partner
Portal Urriola, Calle Urriola 334, oficina 32
Valparaíso - Chile
Phone:(+56) (32) - 259 5211
Fax: (+56) (32) - 259 5211